“A Good Sales Man is one who can sell himself
“A Good Sales Man is one who can sell himself
before selling his product"
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Result Oriented Learning

Result Oriented Learning is an innovative training company with a unique training proposition, not available elsewhere on the UK market. We understand that what really counts are the results and that learning process should be fun and interactive. Result Oriented Learning has been created by two companies, both excelling in their fields: Curiosity Consultants has a proven track record of quality training and Curious Kat's Adventure Club, a travel company that takes customer satisfaction seriously and excels in client service and meticulous organisation of events. This unique combination of skills allow us to provide you with high quality products.

Our sessions are based on no nonsense theory. We follow a 90:10 rule. 90% of practice and 10% of theory. We develop skills by working through practice activities, not through a workbook.

We consistently score above 95% on delegates feedback questionnaires (results recorded over 4 campaigns during 2015/2016).


Our intense face-to-face workshops are run by consultants, who have extensive sales background. Sessions are packed with real life scenarios, time tested tools, practice sessions, individual and small group work, discussions, case studies, extreme relaxation and fun. Delegates receive ongoing feedback and post sales transformation program coaching to maximise their chances to permanently change their behaviour and succeed.  ROL uses this tested methodology for fun, effective learning that sticks.

Our Secret Sauce:

  • A relaxed mind and body learns better, we will treat you with a spa before we help you master your sales skills
  • Tested sales techniques to drive your sales forward
  • Sales hacker mindset
  • Industry leading post course support (send us your calls recording and we will coach you to close that business)
  • Sales tools to minimise your  planning and preparation time and maximize your sales success
  • Sales Practice Activities
  • 90% practice, 10% theory
  • painful feedback
  • intense personalised coaching
  • Best practices


7 Tips to Give the Impactful Sales Presentation
Posted on : 06-17-2016 By : sylwia

One of the biggest challenges I used to have when delivering a sales presentation was struggling to close the sale. I couldn’t move my prospect on to the next stage of the sale journey. I was a great natural presenter, but for some reason, I could not make an impact. Until, I started using those tips. Since that time, I have learned to make an impact quicker, and I have also helped other sales people to master their sales presentation skills. I am sure you will benefit from it too. 1. Prepare before you start your presentation. Quite obvious,…

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what people say about usTestimonials

  • I was sceptical that the forecasted results from the training delivered by Monika were deliverable. I should have never doubted them. The training was fun and added a new way of thinking to my team and me. I cannot thank Monika enough for her motivation and new ideas on multi tier selling. Her delivery style is fun and infectious.” – Lee Holland-Head of Sales Green Tomato Cars

    Lee Holland
  • “Monika designed and rolled out Customer Service Excellence 12 month programme. I found  her being very collaborative, She worked with our team both as a group setting  as well as in one-to-one settings. She aligned the whole programme with our overall business strategy and made sure it was relevant to our business. After each session, we received a post-training coaching, which helped embed the learning into the workplace. We are very pleased and excited with the results that we have seen so far since the training of our team member.” -Drussila Solomon HR Manager The Westbury

    Drussila Solomon

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