7 Tips to Give the Impactful Sales Presentation

One of the biggest challenges I used to have when delivering a sales presentation was struggling to close the sale. I couldn’t move my prospect on to the next stage of the sale journey. I was a great natural presenter, but for some reason, I could not make an impact. Until, I started using those tips. Since that time, I have learned to make an impact quicker, and I have also helped other sales people to master their sales presentation skills. I am sure you will benefit from it too.

1. Prepare before you start your presentation. Quite obvious, right? But what I really want you to think about is the situation when something does not go according to plan. Ask yourself a question: “What if…my laptop doesn’t work, one of the decision makers do not turn up, it is too hot or too cold in the room, and you do not feel comfortable, you forget your marketing materials.” What are you going to do then? There are hundreds of things, which could go wrong. You cannot control all of them, but you can have your plan B ready.

2. Start with a personal story. Remember people buy people, and they will be more engaged in your sales presentation if they see there is a human delivering it, not a sales representative. People will also relax when they hear your story, and they will be more receptive to your pitch. Your story should be somehow related to the subject of your presentation. Do not overdo it, though, keep it short, sweet and try to make them smile! One minute is more than enough.

3. Hook. Everybody talks about the hook, but how to do it? How to get them interested in your presentation? Very easily, ask them a question and wait for them to respond. Lots of sales people when they deliver a sales presentation they have a tendency to answer their own question when they do not hear an answer within 2 seconds. That’s natural, but bear with them! Give them at least 10 seconds. You may think that you always give your prospect at least 10 seconds to answer, but in reality when you are presenting your perception of time is different and after 2 seconds you feel as if it was 10 minutes!

4. Build trust and credibility by asking a question you can’t answer and say “that’s ok, I don’t know the answer either, but what I know is…”. People do not like “know it all`s” people and they rarely buy from them, people trust people who like them, make mistakes and do not know everything, but prove to be a specialist in their field.

5. Use numbers and bring them into perspective. There are 2 groups of people, 1 love the numbers, and the 2nd is confused by numbers. Use numbers the way that you are going to satisfy both groups. When you quote some statistics or share results, always put them into context. For example; our yearly membership is £966, which means it will cost you as little as 1 Costa cappuccino a day.

6. Call to action!!! So many sales presentations end without asking for business. Remember your sales presentation is a massive opportunity to close as your prospect has already shown some interest by giving you time to present. Think about the purpose of your presentation and ask for business.

7. Never apologise! Many sales people apologies when they laptop/projector/slides don’t work, or when it is too

hot or too cold in the room. You will show that you are in control when you know how to react to unexpected events, see point 1. You will only have one chance to present in front of your prospect, make sure you make it count!